A present to ourselves!

Yes, it’s true. This was our present to ourselves.
In the busiest and most hectic week leading up to Xmas we went online with our brand new website: an important goal that we reached working together, to refresh the visuals and upgrade the contents of brandsavetheworld, our officeless PR Agency.

Because we are getting bigger, and we want to share our enthusiasm and energy.

We are a well paired yet diversified group of professionals, with many ideas and plans that we will post online in “Our Projects” section.

2018 was a compelling year, rich in challenges and acknowledgments.
What do we expect in 2019?
We will be launching new formats and services, and we will be extending our scope of action.
We will be deeply involved in the area of Personal Branding for Business development with our CV Start project, and we will be increasing our Social Media Management Training sessions for Corporations,  Agencies and Associations
On March 1st, 2019 we will be launching our latest format for a networking meeting and conference on Tourism and Communication: Travel Hashtag. We will be groupthinking and commenting on communication trends with stakeholders of Marketing &Communication coming from different areas of Travel Industry: Airlines, Hotel Chains, Travel Insurance, Travel Bloggers.
And then there will be our present and new customers, and we will be sharing here their activities.
No more hints for now, stay in touch with our blog.

Have a great 2019!

Nicola, Francesco, Silvia